Mallorca is a Mediterranean paradise for all lovers of the sea. Our guests come to our island attracted by the warm climate and calm waters perfect for sailing almost all year round. What’s more, the island’s 600-kilometre coastline and the stunning countryside are also packed with an array of options and activities.

The cosmopolitan capital

Palma de Mallorca

One of the most stunning European cities by day and one of the most magical by night, the spectacular and world-famous Bay of Palma casts a special light and captivates everyone who arrives by sea.

Dominated by its majestic cathedral, the city boasts a history full of legends, hidden corners waiting to be discovered, shopping areas to suit all tastes, an array of culture and leisure options, and, above all, a yachting tradition that includes numerous competitions and events related to the sea.

Palma is the most cosmopolitan and multicultural city in the Balearics. It connects to the sea via a long waterfront promenade where you’ll find everything you could ever imagine, such as gyms, restaurants, coffee shops, bars for evening drinks, spas, a fish market, a food market, shops, hotels, parks, and much more. A whole world of entertainment, dining and fun.


Planning your visit to Mallorca?

One of the greatest pleasures while sailing around the Balearic Islands is exploring hidden corners that can’t be reached by land.

It’s a true privilege to swim in crystal-clear waters or to marvel at a gorgeous sunset in a pocket-sized cove with the only sound being the water gently lapping against the hull of your boat.

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Nature Park for Anchoring

A little more than an hour’s sail from Palma and ten miles from Colonia de Sant Jordi (Ses Salines) is the Archipelago of Cabrera, declared a Maritime-Terrestrial National Park as it’s home to colonies of marine birds and native species, along with one of the best conserved seabeds on the Mallorcan coastline.

There are more than 450 plant species here and it’s a strategic stopover point on the migratory route of more than 150 bird species. The seabeds also form an important part of the Park, with more than 200 species of fish and countless native invertebrates.


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Mallorca boasts an extraordinary variety of culinary options. Savouring the famous ensaimada and sobrasada are musts when you’re here, but you can also dine at Michelin-starred restaurants such as Andana, Restaurante Andreu Genestra and Es Racó d’Es Teix, all of which are amazing choices and have long waiting lists even they’re out of the city. And then there are authentic taverns packed with history and tradition such as Can Font or Sa Travessa. But if you’re after some international food or fusion cuisine, you’ll also find some amazing alternatives.

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Dining Palma

Golf – with more than twenty golf courses on the island, you can choose one surrounded by nature or one blessed with breathtaking sea views.

Cycling – thanks to its fantastic climate and stunning landscapes, Mallorca is visited by cyclists from all over the world looking to explore its 2,500 kilometres-plus of mountain and coastal roads.

Caves – Mallorca is thought to have around four thousand caves and grottoes, and although most of them are unknown for being on private properties or difficult to access, there five unforgettable caves you simply have to visit.

Wineries – Mallorca has a long winemaking tradition, hence its seventy-plus wineries, two protected designations of origin, and more than five hundred labels. Visiting one of the island’s wineries and enjoying a tasting session in good company is a must-do.

Museums – With a whole host of museums and foundations, Mallorca is a true cultural hotspot. You can visit Joan Miró’s studio, Robert Graves’ house, or even spectacular gardens decorated with impressive sculptures, such as Sa Bassa Blanca or the Palacio de Juan March.

Art Galleries – Palma’s art galleries have been internationally renowned for several years now. Collectors from around the world flock to the island in search of unique works of art. Proof is that most of them take part in international fairs such as Art Basel or Arco.

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